Kevin Johnson: My Secret To Selling Success — Onomatopoeia

BFB recently had an exclusive interview with sales innovator and thought leader Kevin Johnson, the director of the TD sales organization. Kevin just finished writing an advanced sales book titled Advanced Sales: ZA-ZA-ZING! We asked Kevin for some words of wisdom from his new book that he might be able to share with first year dealers, as well as new student managers, that helped him throughout his many years in the business and got him to the leadership role he has today.

KJ: “When I think of success in selling, two different types of people come to mind. One type fails consistently at selling, the other type is like BOOM — and they’re doing well. The difference is simple. It all comes down to using onomatopoeia. Now, let’s get into it. What’s onomatopoeia? It’s using words that sound like a sound you’re trying to recreate. One of my favorites is BOOM. I think it’s effective. Whenever I would talk to someone at their door, right as I use a neighbor’s name I say “BOOM!” For instance, “…you probably know all the families who have signed up, like the Roberts – BOOM – the Jacobs – BOOM – the Sullivans – BOOM BOOM BOOM.” I’ll even mix in a BAM sometimes too. “This literally takes 3 or 4 minutes. BAM.”

Now, lets talk about the intro. You gotta build rapport first. Tell them who you are and ask about them. When they answer, acknowledge what they say with some new words like WOOP, CHICKA CHICKA, THONK, or URRRT. They appreciate it because you’re showing interest and that builds trust fast. ZZZIP!

When you’re demoing though, thats when you really let loose. “Check out these math examples — step by step. KAPOW! HI-YAH! Formulas all in one place? SHPLAMF! Need a timeline for a history exam? SWOOOOSH over a few pages and SK-SK-SKURRRRT – right there. Can you see why everyone’s been like GOIOIOIOIOING?!” Remember to trial close.

Closing is simple. “What everyone likes about the way I do business is it’s like OOOHHHH and AHHHH. MMMMMM. Nice.” Put them at ease. You want to be relaxed when closing.

Cash Collection: “CA-CHING!”

Pre-approach: It’s the cycle of sales so circle back to the BAMs and BOOMs when people give you info. It’ll make them remember why they liked you in the first place. It solidifies the sale.

Other ideas — Self talk: Are you working the country? TWANG TWANG TWANG NE NE NEER NE NEER NEER. City? SCREEEECH VRRROOOMM AAAOOOOGA.

So next time you find yourself in a selling situation, just use these key time-tested advanced sales techniques. I think you’ll notice a big difference in your level of production.”

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3 thoughts on “Kevin Johnson: My Secret To Selling Success — Onomatopoeia

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  2. Brianna says:

    Love it. Totes using it next week.

  3. Matt Ollis says:

    Davis , you are nuts buddy!

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