Confused First Year Dealer Spends “Dad’s Week” Doing Chores

WAXAHACHIE, TX: In an ironic misunderstanding, soon to be college freshman and first year dealer Sam Overfelt spent “Dad’s Week,” the week he dedicated to working for his father, a little differently. Overfelt’s summer was following a steady upward trend, with the rookie selling over 110 units the week before.  When reached for comment, first time OL Rick Clark attributed Sam’s steady growth to a mix of hard work and a coachable spirit.  Said Clark, “Seriously, I tell that kid to jump and he asks, ‘how high?’  During sales school, I told him to read through the lead product sample to familiarize himself with the book.  He read the whole thing and reported three grammatical errors to me during that night’s Fireside Chat.”

Ironically, Overfelt’s summer took a hit during “Dad’s Week” when the the rookie interpreted his OL’s emotional close to “really go work for your dad this week” as a literal suggestion.  “I really should have noticed that something was off before the week was over.  All of his stat calls were about pulling weeds, mowing lawns, and cleaning out garages.  I just thought he was really buying into the metaphor.  I guess driving all the way from Houston back to his dad’s place in Cincinnati explains his week’s mileage,” said a dejected Clark when he looked at Overfelt’s Business Activity Report after the week. Nevertheless, Clark was still somewhat impressed with Overfelt logging 40+ hours on the riding mower alone.
During a passing conversation on Sunday that Overfelt insisted on calling a “PC,” it became clear that the freshman’s coachability was due to the respect he had for his OL.  When hearing Clark’s name, the rookie beamed, saying, “I’d do anything that guy tells me to.  I mean, he sells over 150 units per week. That’s like $1,000 or something!”

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