Opinion: That Door Demo Was Pretty Much a Presentation

Simmons giving one cliche objection after another

BRISTOL, TN – According to 2nd summer dealer Keith Neely’s goal card, that last house was pretty much a presentation. Angie Simmons, a concession stand worker at the Bristol Motor Speedway and mother of two, stood and talked to Neely at the door for well over five minutes about her family’s situation with school and even briefly answered a couple questions about education. Neely showed Simmons a few pages of how the books work and mentioned to the reluctant mother how other area mothers have noticed that “helping out with homework gets tough.” Simmons insisted that now wasn’t the best time financially for her to make any major $100 purchases, but Neely could try back in September “after racin’ season.” Neely’s goalcard only showed one presentation during what was soon to be yet another expiring goal period which prompted the dealer to reflect on how he mentioned nearly every major point of the intro, gave her a price, and told her what everyone liked about how he does business. Between houses, Neely told reporters that “being able to write a ‘P’ instead of ‘C’ on his goal card just makes all the difference sometimes.” At press time, Neely’s closing percentage had dropped down into single digits.

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