Family Doesn’t Know How To Make It Any Clearer That They’re Not Interested

FT. WAYNE, IN – Local dealer Greg Erickson has made multiple unsuccessful attempts over the past 4 days to catch the Burks family at a good time. His stops at the Burks’ home have proven fruitless for various reasons such as finding only the high schoolers home, the father leaving for work, the family having dinner, being too late at night to talk, too early in the morning to talk, the mother not home yet, the family having friends over, and two other visits that he can’t remember. According to Erickson, he has been able to give a door demo at each visit to re-build interest and momentum for his next visit. Finally this morning at 9:15, Erickson crossed the Burks family off of his pre-approach pad when on his 2nd visit of the day to their house, he was greeted with a homemade sign stating that the family would definitely not be interested in speaking with him again, and that they even found him uninteresting on a personal level.

When reached for comment by reporters, the Burks family stated, “We told that Greg guy we wasn’t gonna be interested in buying nothing the first time, and then told him again the second and third time. The fourth time it started to be kinda funny and we was messing with him a little, but then at about a half dozen times of him coming to the house, we just got fed up. I wonder what it was he was doing in the first place. Guess there’s no way to know.”


One thought on “Family Doesn’t Know How To Make It Any Clearer That They’re Not Interested

  1. Mrs. Burks says:

    I thought he said he was with the school district or something… if it’s important we’ll probably get a letter about it.

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