Opinion: They Wouldn’t Be Interested Either

TOPEKA, KS – Local Kansas homemaker Heather Landry can save you some time. She can tell you right now that her family isn’t going to be interested, and the Montgomery family next door — they won’t be interested either. You might as well just skip over them. In fact, you’ll just be wasting your time and theirs if you go over there. Their kids are top of their class, in the gifted programs, and they even tutor other kids their own age. They probably won’t be there anyway, they’re always gone doing something. So you can skip them. And you didn’t hear this from her, but the Cullins family all the way at the end of the block, now those kids need all the help they can get. That’s probably the only family on the street you’ll want to talk to, not sure if they’d have the money to buy anything though. But everyone else through here is doing fine in school. And again, definitely skip the Montgomeries next door because they wouldn’t be interested.

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This story and whoever wrote it sucks and here's why...

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