Dealer Circles Neighborhood 3 Times Waiting For Family To Go Inside

The narcissistic Osmund family took more than 10 minutes unloading their car before entering their home.

MENOMONEE FALLS, WI – Local dealer Timothy Black had the Osmund family’s home circled and highlighted on his pre-approach map for five days straight trying to catch the busy family at an opportune time. This morning, at approximately 11:00am, Black spotted the active couple with their three children pulling into their driveway and unloading the car. Much to the chagrin of Black, the Osmunds wasted between 10-15 minutes of the even busier dealer’s valuable time by taking their own sweet time rearranging items in the backseat and truck, and not just walking straight into the house where Black could knock and approach in a normal and more comfortable situation. Black decided to circle this particular Menomonee subdivision to see if any other callbacks happen to have come home in the meantime. Upon Black’s second lap, the Osmunds were still unloading what appeared to be products purchased from a local Target this time. Black proceeded to continue down the quiet neighborhood street and “give it another minute or two.” According to reports, Black made brief and perhaps compromising eye contact with the father on his 3rd pass of the residence. “They were still out clowning around in the driveway. I couldn’t believe it. Just go the [expletive] inside already! Do they not realize I’m trying to see 30 families today? Talk about selfish,” recalled Black to local reporters. The suspected egocentric Osmunds finally entered their home allowing Black to approach the house like a normal human being. Unfortunately, there was no answer at the door.


This story and whoever wrote it sucks and here's why...

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