Dealer Forgets To Get Pre-Approach Again

WATERLOO, IA – Sharp profanities were heard peppered throughout Waterloo residents’ front yards again today as local 2nd summer dealer Annie Garmon (Univ of Alabama) forgot to ask for pre-approach on five separate occasions, bringing her total to fourteen houses in just the first half of the week alone. The frustrated Garmon told reporters during a mid-week press conference that although she  had “get pre-approach” written at the top of her pre-approach pad, she still forgets to ask sometimes and feels like an idiot when it happens.

“The door closes, I’m picking up my bag, and I start walking towards what? Yeah, I don’t know ’cause I didn’t ask them again. Stupid…,” explained Garmon continuing, “Are they home? Couldn’t tell ya. Do they have kids? Beats me. Their name? I’m gonna go with ‘Official Mom’ again on this one I suppose.”

Garmon vowed during her nightly stat call that for the second half of the week she would use a reminder more effective than her current method so that she could start beating herself up over something different that she forgets to say such as covering various objections or any of her names.

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