First Year Finally Collects Check, Puts It Somewhere

COLUMBIA, SC – First Year dealer David Sanden from Michigan Tech had a very slow first week of sales. In fact, Sanden only had 4 customers who each put down zero deposits but “will definitely have it in August.” This morning however, Sanded started his second week of sales with a boom by writing up a My Set order for the DiMunzia family. The mother, Carla DiMunzia, felt confident enough in Sanden to the point that she wrote him a check for $55.17 to which the discheveled dealer placed the check somewhere, maybe in his pocket or possibly in one of the samples, perhaps inside the order book somewhere; the whereabouts of the check are still to be determined. Sanden decided to spend the rest of the morning stapling missing check flyers to telephone poles throughout the neighborhood.


This story and whoever wrote it sucks and here's why...

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