First Year Accepts Quid Pro Quo Offer, Learns Painful Lesson

TULSA – Over 90 minutes of First Year dealer Chad Montgomery’s time was wasted at Dwayne & Cheryl Richard’s home today after accepting a quid pro quo deal at their door. The Richards agreed to listen to Montgomery’s presentation on the condition that he listen to them “share some thoughts” afterwards. According to reporters, Montgomery left the home incredibly frustrated without a sale and valuable time wasted listening to their pitch on being part of a pyramid plan selling swimming pool chemicals and vitamins.

“I thought they seemed really interested at first,” explained the unexpected dealer. “But then they told me ‘No’ and started talking about how I should really think  about doing something different with more flexible hours and the ability to work from home. I already told them I’d listen though, and then they started into this powerpoint presentation talking about how if I only bring on some friends who bring on some friends…”

At press time, Montgomery was cursing under his breath at the Richard’s house as he drove past it to a homeschool callback whose yard was suspiciously full of religious signage and paraphernalia.


One thought on “First Year Accepts Quid Pro Quo Offer, Learns Painful Lesson

  1. stacy paetz says:


This story and whoever wrote it sucks and here's why...

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