4th Year Dealer Has Emotional Breakdown To Miley Cyrus Song ‘The Climb’

Ross finding temporary comfort by hugging a dad he just met

HARTFORD, CT – Fourth summer Eagle/Blitz student manager and assistant-OL Jared Ross hit his “wall” this morning when he finally broke down emotionally upon hearing Miley Cyrus’ song “The Climb” playing on his radio between houses. According to reporters, Ross was wrapping up a frustrating and challenging week two on the bookfield. All but one member of his six man team has gone home, his personal sales are down from week one, all of his Saturday appointments have said ‘No’ at the door, and the city has delayed approving his selling permit until after the holiday weekend forcing him to continue working the school district that the #3 top company producer worked just last summer. At 10:50 this morning, after changing his 2nd flat tire in 3 days, Ross started his car to hear the sounds of Cyrus singing, “Always gonna be an uphill battle, somebody’s gonna have to lose.” Empathizing deeply with the song, Ross’s tears began to fall as he ran to the door of the next callback. Friendly homeowner Ivan Gonzales offered a listening ear to the distraught dealer, which in turn, caused Ross to cry even harder from finding solace in a stranger. Between sobs, Ross was heard saying “I’m doing my best… I’m doing my best” and loudly weeping lyrics from the Cyrus song such as “gotta keep trying… gotta keep my head high.” According to sources, Gonzales also told Ross ‘No’.

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One thought on “4th Year Dealer Has Emotional Breakdown To Miley Cyrus Song ‘The Climb’

  1. Larry Anderson says:

    Hi freaking larious

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