Stat Shot: Frequency of Police Calls

This interesting study shows the inverted bell curve in the frequency of dealers having the police called on them based on their level of sales experience (Police Calls represented vertically and Sales Experience horizontally). As you can see, when dealers are just beginning this job, the police are called very frequently due to First Years not telling people what they’re doing, never showing a book, and then asking where the kids live. As sales experience develops, prospects become aware and accepting of the dealer’s intentions. However, as dealers gain multiple years of experience, they learn that seeing more people means selling more products; and seeing more people also means meeting more crazies who call the police on you.


One thought on “Stat Shot: Frequency of Police Calls

  1. robyn says:

    hahah. i’ve heard several record holders mumble under their breath that you’re not a top producer unless you’ve spent some quality time behind bars.

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