Everything “Awesome” According to First Year, Literally Everything

FT. WORTH – First Summer Southwest Advantages dealer Jayme Rutherford is making it a point to let everyone at every house know that everything, literally everything, is awesome. Local reporters have noted that Rutherford begins by letting each prospect know that it’s awesome that they are the official mom of the house, and following that with a second mentioning that it’s awesome that she has kids who are school aged. Once the prospect sits down with Rutherford, she opens up her presentation with another ‘awesome’ and transitions into where she’s from and what she’s doing. A series of questions are then asked to the prospect, and no matter what the answer, Rutherford responds with an ‘awesome’ and moves right along.

Rutherford explained her strategy to reporters saying, ” I like to pepper a few ‘awesomes’ throughout the demo of the books too, because it really helps. Then I squeeze in a few more ‘awesomes’ while receiving pre-approach on the way out and then wishing the prospect an awesome day.”

Reporters indicated that Rutherford’s well-wishing seemed to backfire on her during the 4th goal period yesterday during an approach when the Hurlitz Family was on their way out the door to attend a funeral which, according to Rutherford, was “awesome.” During last night’s stat call, Rutherford’s student manager advised her to pull back the reigns on the awesome talk, and to try listening to people more and acknowledging their situations.

“Awesome,” agreed Rutherford.


One thought on “Everything “Awesome” According to First Year, Literally Everything

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This story and whoever wrote it sucks and here's why...

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