Battle-hardened Marine Inspired By Commanding Officer’s Door-to-Door Sales Metaphor

BAGHDAD – Private First Class Campbell, United States Marine Corps, gave an AP reporter a glimpse into what motivates him. Said Campbell, “I just can’t stop thinking about the way Sarge closed out our troop’s meeting on Sunday.  He kept comparing being a Marine to selling books door-to-door.  I know that I’ll probably never have the chance to really test myself in such a grueling challenge, but for now I’ll just have to sweat it out here in Iraq’s 119 degree heat while I avoid daily attacks on my life.”
Added Campbell, “This is cake compared to knocking in big brick.”

Private Campbell was forced to end his interview early in order to return fire on a group of suicide bombers and snipers attacking their platoon. Reporters did overhear Campbell reminding his fellow troops that “the first 3 bombs are just on-the-job training” and to “focus on shooting 5 jihads this goal period, then we’ll stop for granola bars.”

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