Area Woman Angry That Dealer Has Come By 3 Years In a Row

Crazy cat lady Helen Sherman upset with Dealer, life in general

Crazy cat lady Helen Sherman upset with Dealer, life in general

POPLAR BLUFF, MO – Local Shell Station cashier Helen Sherman made quite a scene on her front porch this afternoon as first year dealer Travis Donelson knocked on her door after being misinformed by a neighbor that she had students at James Madison Middle School. A wild and disorderly Sherman came storming through her screen door waving her remote control and bellowing to Donelson about how this was the third year in a row that he had come to her house “trying to steal her kitties” and then began to blame him for letting her sick cat escape through the door she was holding open. According to Donelson’s sales manager, no dealers have worked Poplar Bluff since 2008 when Jennifer Bridges sold there during the last two weeks of her summer. When reached for comment during his 3:00 sandwich break, Donelson told reporters, “Yeah, they said we’d really meet a lot of different types of people, but that fur-covered lady was just plain crazy.”

According to pre-approach received at the following home, Donelson was advised that he “might want to skip over that house” as the homeowner pointed to the Sherman residence.


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