Visiting Wisconsin State Senator Trampled Under Storm of Collegiate Enthusiasm Outside of War Memorial

Senator Miller faking injuries for political gain

NASHVILLE – In a wave of irony, visiting Senator Miller (D-WI), who is the leading voice for legislation making direct sales illegal in his home state, was knocked to the ground and stepped on repeatedly by a large group of excited Dealers on their way to Sales School yesterday morning. According to reporters, four ambulances and three firetrucks were called to the scene of the accident, and police were forced to closed down both Charlotte Ave & 7th Ave in order to life-flight the Senator to nearby Vanderbilt Hospital. The Senator sustained no physical injury, but “the emotional toil will surely take some time to heal,” explained the teary-eyed Senator as his aides attempted to brush dirty footprints off of his suit. The incident is expected to cost tax payers an estimated $450,000.

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