Fireside Chat Runs Long For 2nd Consecutive Night, Longwinded B-Contract To Blame

SALES SCHOOL – According to the latest reports from Sales School, the University of Central Florida Org’s fireside chat ran a full half-hour over their sales manager’s suggested 10pm stop time again tonight. Fourth summer UCF dealer Shannon Cutler claims that both the Sunday and Monday night meetings could have ended on time “if it weren’t for Becky’s blabbing on and on and on about this one time last summer.”

Continued Cutler, “Seriously, tomorrow night I’m telling our OL ahead of time to make sure everyone keeps their [expletive] mouths open for 2-3 minutes tops. I’m trying to get on schedule here, and I’ve got a feeling that I’m gonna be dragging up the hill tomorrow.”

Third summer dealer Jay Peterson added, “Sunday night Becky was like, ‘there was this family I met in July last summer… no, wait, it was June… was it June or July? I think it was July. Yeah, definitely July,’ and all the managers were just looking at each other like ‘Whateverrr! Come on! Let’s go!’ and then tonight she took 15 minutes rambling about how this summer she’s more focused on her goals or something. I don’t know, she lost me after 5 minutes.”

UCF’s Org Leader was unavailable for comment as he was PC-ing Carlos in the parking lot who still hasn’t taken the shrink wrap off his sample books yet.

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