Student Commits to Selling Next Summer, A Lot Going On This Year

INDIANAPOLIS  –  After a week’s worth of interviews and follow-up meetings, Butler University Sophomore Kevin Hampton decided he would definitely sell in the summer of 2012, just not this year.

“I’ve just got a lot going on right now,” explained Hampton, who seemed distracted most of the week by his school’s basketball team playing in the NCAA Final Four this weekend. “Its like, my sister is getting re-married in June, we’ve got a family vacation around the 4th of July, there’s a summer class I’m considering, plus my buddy Todd said something about a camping trip or a concert maybe.”

Hampton also noted that being a Sophomore this year had been “challenging” and helped him gain a significant amount of personal growth that, according to him, “was probably equal to selling” — 15 credit hours this semester, labs outside of class, intramural volleyball, and working Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Rec Center.

“I mean, I can see how something like selling books would be beneficial too, that’s why I think next summer is a good time for me. I’ll be finishing my Junior year, and that’s when it’s more important to get an internship anyway. It just makes sense,” said Hampton.

Butler University campus recruiter Kyle Allen (pictured), who in retrospect feels like he wasted a significant amount of time with Hampton, told reporters that he was ok with Hampton’s decision stating, “I picked up 3 Dealer Agreements this week anyway, and if that dude wants to keep being a D-bag, then so be it.”

At press time, Hampton felt confident with his choice noting, “It feels good to know that I have a solid plan laid out in front me for the next few years now. This summer – kickin’ it. Next summer – building my resume. This is gonna be awesome.”

Added Hampton, “Oh yeah, and my birthday is June 24. I can’t miss that.”

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One thought on “Student Commits to Selling Next Summer, A Lot Going On This Year

  1. Jill Poston says:

    Oh yeah, my team Summer 2012 already has 47 members… top team 2012!! 😉

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