Corporate Confession: Company Actually Founded in 2007

NASHVILLE  –  Explosive news today from Nashville as the company comes clean about its official founding date. The company, which has always been known as being founded in 1855 and working with collegiate salespeople since 1868, made known to the public today in a local press conference that it was not until 2007 when the company was officially founded.

Public Relations representative Troy Cowbell stated, “Well apparently what had happened was all the paperwork had been completed a long time ago, decades ago in fact. But back in 2007 a bunch of people here were let go and there were some promotions and de-motions. Some of the offices were being cleared out and we found all that paperwork had fallen back behind a big filing cabinet before it ever got processed.”

According to Cowbell, after rediscovering the lost documents, the paperwork was filed appropriately making 2007 the year that the company became an officially recognized business entity.

Unfortunately, also misplaced behind the large filing cabinet were the marketing plans that laid out plans for online development, which is now noted as the primary cause as to why the internet was over 10 years old before the company had anything on it.

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3 thoughts on “Corporate Confession: Company Actually Founded in 2007

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  3. Megan Baker says:

    That explains so much!

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