A Look Through History: Origins of Objections

Springfield, Ill 1869: Heister Clemens, a local blacksmith, tells young dealer Harold Steller that he is "not interested" -- Steller unsure how to respond.

Egypt 4980BC: Desert Gypsies become first to give 'Money Objection'; offer instead to trade rocks.

Elizabethtown, KY 1908: Ruth Simmons becomes first woman to give 'Husband Objection' to student dealer Jefferson Mills; Mills coincidently makes first suicide call.

Matthews, NC 1942: Claudia Eubanks, an occasional substitute, becomes first to give 'Teacher Objection'.

Ames, IA 1952: Ann Latham becomes first to give 'Straight A's Objection'. Research later shows Ann's children to have been primarily A & B students with an occasional C.

Birmingham, AL 1930: Billy Caldwell becomes first to give 'Procrastination Objection' by asking if he can have a week or two to think it over.

Jackson, MS 1949: Dorothy Hodges breaks racial barriers by becoming the first African-American to give objection.

Detroit, MI 1987: Dylan Flannigan, attempting to keep up with pop-culture, coins the more modern objection 'We're All Set".

Baltimore, MD 1995: Donna Bartholomew becomes first person to give 'Internet Objection'. Donna used AOL dial-up internet for email only.

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2 thoughts on “A Look Through History: Origins of Objections

  1. Anonymous says:

    Other than this being funny, is Dove seriously advertising on BFB?

    • BFB says:

      They better not be yet. They asked us to hold their check until after the first of the month, and we agreed that the advertisements could begin then.

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