University of Tartu and Phoenix Online Take Top Sales Honors

NASHVILLE, TN  –  Over the weekend, the Company held the annual J. Fred Landers (“Freddies”) Awards show which marks the end of the company’s annual international recruiting and sales conference. This year, just like the previous four, the University of Tartu in Estonia took the award for Top Campus in sales for 2010 with $1.2M. The top overall college in sales however was Phoenix Online generating an astounding $1.4M in collective sales from its Dealers. Unfortunately, with Phoenix Online’s lack of a physical campus, it is ineligible for the Top Campus award.  Also, honorable mention should be given to other successful but ineligible schools such as ITT Tech with $1.1M, DeVry University with $920k, and Dealers earning over $850k during the summer of 2010. Congratulations to all of you on your success!

According to first-day reports in recruiting and team building, the Nashville Auto Diesel College and the Barbizon School For Modeling are leading after Southwestern’s recruiting seminar, though it should be noted that most major universities were not in session on MLK Day.

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