New Years Bookfield Resolutions

2011 is here, and Dealers company-wide are making resolutions for the coming summer. So what are some of the top producers doing differently this year?

“Summer goal: 2011 units! It’s a significant decrease, but just think how ironic and cool it will be!”

-Chris Salata, Kentucky

“I’m going to the gym everyday this summer.”

-Grayson Jones, Iowa

“I’m taking more time for myself this summer; lowering my work week down to 85 hrs.”

-Monique Flores, Arizona

“I’ve decided to stop smoking during my presentations.”

-Abby Sturdivant, Tennessee

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One thought on “New Years Bookfield Resolutions

  1. Dan "The Second" Cumming says:

    This is awesome. I can see that this will truly be a great summer with this renewed vigor coming from my favorite people!

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