Skill Builder #1 Re-gifted Holiday Item

The National Association of Holiday Studies has recently published its list of most re-gifted holiday items so far from of the 21st  Century (2001-2010). Topping the list this year, again, was the Skill Builder making it the number one item 8 out of the last 10 years. This year’s win again beats out  other popular disappointments such as tacky holiday sweaters, awkward-shaped picture frames,  and funky smelling candles. Following the announcement, all company employees have been required to attend a Christmas Eve dedication ceremony to commemorate the item’s decade-long streak of inspiring massive amounts of holiday giving.  At the ceremony, a 24 karat gold-plated Skill Builder will be unveiled at the company. Interestingly enough, Southwestern’s Encyclopedia of American Cooking also made the list coming in at #6 this year jumping two spots from 2009. The jump is thought to be due to its publishing date of 1981 and black & white pictures of food.

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