“…But Don’t Tell ‘Em I Sent You” Expected To Increase in 2011

In a follow-up story to the last Bookfield Bulletin post regarding the 2010 US Census, another interesting discovery has emerged from the collected data. According to studies, Bookfield residents are expected to increase their usage of the phrase, “…but don’t tell ’em I sent you,” after giving pre-approach on their neighbors in 2011. Experts say the cause of this is largely due to the increased popularity of  fear-mongering television shows such as To Catch a Predator or Nancy Grace adducing hypothetical terror into the minds of otherwise benevolent parents. Also expected to increase are “you didn’t hear this from me…” and “don’t use my name.” Ironically, as much as Bookfield residents ignore statistical facts and credible research, Dealers are expected to ignore the “dont use my name” requests from Bookfield residents.*

*First-years will not use names anyway

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One thought on ““…But Don’t Tell ‘Em I Sent You” Expected To Increase in 2011

  1. A teenage girl, who’s mom wasn’t home opened the door this year and her face was written with fear at my presence. I told her it was okay, and I’d come back later and asked her why she looking at me all scared, and she said she’d been watching a show called “Pretty Little Liars” and was afraid I was one of them. That gave me a good laugh. By myself. On the bookfield.

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