“Checkbook” Still Not Believed In By Locals Claims Lubbock Co., TX Dealer

4701372993_2bfdae8ec3_zLUBBOCK CO., TX – Hard-working student manager Patrick Narron has advised his sales manager not to place any rookie dealers in Lubbock County during a recent territory planning meeting. According to Narron, the county locals “don’t believe in them ‘checkbooks’ and what have ye.” Narron continued quoting the locals saying, “Matter fact, we ain’t even believe in them banks neither.”

Reflecting on his selling experience in Lubbock County, Narron recalled that while inside the city limits of Lubbock, Shallowater, and Buffalo Springs Lake, that most customers were able to pay by check or debit card. However, once outside of the city limits, the banking and financial habits of residents changed drastically.

Recalled Narron, “I was sitting down with this one 10-gallon-hat-wearing mom, and she said through a cloud of her cigarette smoke,  ‘We was with this bank, but then they tried to get us in a buncha trouble with all kindsa overdraftin’ fees. Then back when all those banks got that free gov’ment bail-out money, we didn’t see one dime a that.'”

“I mean, really?” vented Narron. “What do you say to people like that?  Plus it’s like half the county is related so they’re all the same! You’ve gotta be an experienced dealer to work there.”

When reached for comment, local Texas Tech Dealers agreed saying, “Yeah, the school is awesome and we love it here, just don’t go very far off campus or else people start getting weird.”

Upon further research and evaluation, Narron’s sentiments have been confirmed. Sales management nows plans to reserve Lubbock County for those questionable “blast-off  HQ’s” only.

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