Area Mom Rushes Dealer Through Presentation Because She’s “In Sales”

HOUSTON, TX  –  Local Dealer Kate Marshall was taken back recently by local mother Susan Cho’s catty comment during a third goal period kids book presentation. Marshall, who was 3 minutes into her presentation for Cho on the front porch steps, had been making efforts to connect with Cho by using relevant names and asking questions about the frequency and preferences of reading time at their house.

Marshall proceeded to ask Cho a question regarding the importance to her personally on spending time reading with her daughter Emma, 2. Cho immediately responded with, “You know what, I’m in sales myself, so just go ahead and show me what you’re selling. I know all the tricks, just get to the punch. And how much is it?”

Marshall, who afterward described the situation as “irritating”, was able to stay calm and continue asking questions as she slowly pulled out her samples. Marshall noticed another red flag as Cho immediately grabbed the Explore & Learn and quickly flipped through the pages, starting in the back of the book.

Marshall spoke up asking, “How is this all looking so far?” to which Cho replied, “Hmmm… well lets skip to the important part – how much?” and became distracted by another text message received on her Galaxy.

The whole thing is just twenty bucks,” answered Marshall while simultaneously gathering her things together.

Yeah, it’s just not a good time for us right now with the economy the way it is,” objected Cho while replying to a text message. Marshall then proceeded into an unsuccessful attempt for pre-approach learing that the Cho’s were “new here.”

At press time, Marshall had visited the friendly Aitken family across the street who mentioned how the Cho’s “never wave back.”

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