2010 Crime Report: Shoplifting Cases Double From 1 to 2

Feelings of panic and tension are still rolling through sales organizations throughout the Company as the year-end crime statistics have been released. This year showed a dramatic and alarming increase in instances of shoplifting from customers on the bookfield. In fact, the crime rate increased an astonishing 100% from 2009.

Seasoned bookman Aric Woodward was 2009’s dealer victim recalling when “those kids in the yard must’ve grabbed one of the Spongebob cd packs from my passenger seat when the windows were down.”

This year, however, proved numerous skeptical parents’ fears correct as a crime wave hit dealers in the southeast. Student managers Amy LaVallie and Scott Bradeen both fell victim to shoplifters.

LaVallie described her experience as “horrifying” recalling flashbacks of the event while doing her book count at the end of summer in Nashville.

Bradeen reflected on his experience stating, “Yeah, there was this weird family who I think probably grabbed one of my extra cd packs out of my delivery tub while I was in the restroom. I had been trying to tack it on and when I got back to the car I noticed it was gone.”

The Company has already planned to address the concerning issue by making both Thursday and Friday of GRS 2011 two full days of shoplifting prevention courses.

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