Company Launches Business Incubator Incubator

NASHVILLE, TN  –  In an announcement ceremony held earlier today, the company CEO announced plans to open the new massive incubator apparatus for their current business incubator. “This is a tremendously exciting time to be involved with our family of incubation,” stated the CEO. “With the help of this new device, I think our start-ups will have some amazing growth.”

The incubator incubator is an idea that has been in the works since April of 2010, but is just now making it’s launch with  the first frosts of the season quickly approaching.

“One thing that any successful entrepreneur will tell you is that nothing really slows down the growth of your business like the onset of cold weather. This incubator incubator will provide all the adequate heat, light, and shelter that these developing ideas and young concepts need to stay alive,” stated Bedford.

The incubator incubator will be located in the basement of the company’s home office building, Landers Plaza, where the young start-up companies can be safeguarded from all natural threats such as wind, water, snow, and wild animals.

The location of the incubator incubator had been an issue during planning stages, mostly due to its size pointed out Trey Campbell, head of Public Relations. “From what I can tell, the incubator incubator needed to be large enough for many developing businesses to fit inside all at once. I was assuming that not a lot of space would be needed. I usually associate incubators with chicken eggs or pre-mature babies, but they actually dug an entire basement area the size of 5 football fields underneath the building to host this thing and all it’s hot lamps and heaters. It’s pretty spectacular,” commented Campbell.

The incubator incubator cost the company $464 million, but market research and financial projections expect company growth to quickly surpass the $1 billion mark “as long as no hungry coyotes get in at night.”

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One thought on “Company Launches Business Incubator Incubator

  1. Stephanie Phillips says:

    Hilarious!!! Ryan you crack me up. Start letting me know when the Bookfield Bulletin comes out. I want to keep up with the incubator incubator. I’d also like a tour of this new basement.

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