Student Signs Dealer Agreement, Will Break Company Record

CLEMSON, SC  –  Exciting news from the Company today as motivated Clemson University sophomore Todd Alexander signed his dealer agreement to come out for his first summer in 2011 claiming confidently that “the company record is going down!”

“I was looking through that Superstudents book and some of those guys look like real lightweights, and they still made some decent coin. I can totally set a new record. First off, I’ve got sales experience, I’m good with people, and my fraternity just elected me social chair. This is gonna be siiiick – making six figures next summer! What up,” stated the driven pre-business student.

Alexander, whose sales experience includes working at both Sunglasses Hut and Foot Locker at the Charleston Mall, had even written his goals out for his final interview, including “Break SW Record” as priority number one, which further proves his claims that he will be the new record holder for the 155 year old company.

The news was first announced to the public via mass text by Alexander’s future sales manager Lester Crafton in an exciting statement that read, “Bignews: It’s the year of the new record holdr: Todd Alexande. signed DA 2day. Sharp kid. Its gonna happen!!1”


This story and whoever wrote it sucks and here's why...

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