Unsung Heroes: Adam

Adam: an inspiration

Unsung Heroes: Adam, a seasoned Organization Leader, drove past a guy this summer in his rural territory who was peeing on the side of the highway but refrained from honking at him. Adam told the BFB that he “remembered [his] personal challenges of having to pee so bad that you stop on the side of the highway or county road in-between houses in broad daylight hoping the next family isn’t looking out their windows or the sheriff  doesn’t suddenly drive past.”

Here’s to you, Adam.

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2 thoughts on “Unsung Heroes: Adam

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  2. Diana Weaving (aka Keen's ma) says:

    Don’t they let you use their facilities when you enter people’s homes?

    What’s wrong with humanity these days!?

    You are doing so well with SW now, you might actually have installed a special pissoir in your car at this point to cover these difficult calls of nature.

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