Confident First Year Ponders His Own Invincibility

Cutler, seen here believing

NASHVILLE, TN  –  In late August 2010, following what he called “the summer of [his] life,” first year Amos Cutler drove up the company’s Atrium Way riding an unparalleled wave of confidence. Cutler had an “I-Wanna-Win” finish – recording his personal best in sales the last two weeks of the summer – ending up with 3,129 units and placing in the forecasted top 25 out of First Year dealers.

“I learned so much this summer,” Amos enthusiastically shared, after he completed yet another hilarious story about this one mom. “I am a totally different person. I really feel like I can do anything – I mean anything.”


Other students in Cutler’s organization had mostly nice things to say about him. Kelsey Kreysa, a classmate of his at the University of Maryland and a 4th year student manager in his org, recalled that Amos was “fun to hang out with at Sunday meetings” and “worked really hard at the end of the summer.” She questioned, however, Cutler’s non-chalant claims that he could now probably survive ingesting rat poison and even a plane crash.

“Sure, he did pretty well this summer,” Kelsey admitted. “But at the end of the day, it’s just selling books.”

Only a sophomore, Cutler explained to anyone who would listen how he’s committed to running a marathon “within the next 3 months” despite having never seriously trained, and boldly predicted he would be a millionaire before his 25th birthday.

“It’s a decision,” Amos argued. “People who say they have to ‘get in shape’ first to run marathons have already decided that they won’t be able to finish a marathon.” When asked how he would become a millionaire, Amos quickly responded with one word: “Belief.”

Cutler proudly proclaimed his unwavering confidence in his will and his refusal to accept death as inevitability. “I believe I can do anything, and I know that I can accomplish anything by believing,” Cutler told a crowd of two or three in the elevator. “People who get shot and die, get killed in car crashes – it’s only because they don’t believe that they will survive. I’m pretty sure I can survive that stuff…no, I believe I can. That’s something I learned selling books this summer in Wisconsin.”

SW’s lawyer

The Company legal department insisted that students who sell books do not, under normal circumstances, learn to defeat death.

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