Summer Reflections: Area First Year Shocked That No One Has Heard of Him Yet

PLANO, TX  –  Southwestern Company first year dealer Christian Barnett is still reeling after his second zero day of Week 1 in the big-brick suburbs of the East Plano school district.  “I know that I’m new at this and that it will take time to get comfortable with my approach, but what I really don’t get is that not a single mom I talked to today had heard of me yet,” complained Christian during the nightly stat call with his student manager, Davis Miller.

Barnett’s roommate, Joe Rebrovick, echoed Barnett’s frustration.  “This is bulls**t.  I was captain of the Pope John Paul II football team in high school.  We crushed our cross-town rivals in the state championship.  That was just on Friday night.  The next Saturday morning I single handedly delivered the most moving performance of Macbeth that my Broadway-seasoned theatre director said she’d ever seen.”  Rebrovick concluded, “…and not a single one of these uppity soccer moms even knew anything about me or these books and CDs I’m selling.”

Barnett continued, “They hadn’t even heard of Southwest either.  My student manager told me about all the important people who have ‘slung the sample case,’ but these moms act like I’m just a door-to-door salesman.”

At press time, student manager Miller was calling upon five years of training in how to deal with emotional rookies by calmly instructing both frustrated dealers to “focus on going for the bag.”

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One thought on “Summer Reflections: Area First Year Shocked That No One Has Heard of Him Yet

  1. […] DAVIS MILLER: “I sold books for four summers and did reasonably well. I won awards, incentive trips, even led successful sales organizations. I had aspirations of being a millionaire by age 30, having already started and grown my own sales empire, and yet… here I am, already 24 years old, and I live in the suburbs of Baltimore, Maryland. Seriously, that’s it??” […]

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