Low Attendance at Early Champions Banquet

SILVER SPRING, MD – A disappointing turnout was seen on Saturday at the company’s first annual Early Champions Banquet. The banquet was held in honor of dealers this year who made it through sales school week and chalked up bookfield experiences that ranged anywhere from 1 hour to mid-June-ish, based on the attendee. Unfortunately, event planners were a bit discouraged with the abundance of empty chairs considering the event was open to Early Champions company-wide, including the international students.

When reached for comment, marketing department representative Tabitha Taylor explained, “Every fall each of the sales managers have their regional banquets in honor of the students they lead who excel during the summer. We thought this year that we would start including everyone who came to sales school somehow, and hold an event where the Early Champions could be recognized, too. We had a really low RSVP rate, but figured that a lot of them would probably just show the day of. Guess not.”

The event which was anticipated to reach maximum capacity at the Silver Springs Holiday Inn Banquet Room, was only able to fill a mere one and a half tables.

“It looks like there’s going to be a lot food gone to waste,” commented Beverly Huggins, mother of 4-day champion Kimberly Huggins, as she declined to remove her coat, adding under her breath, “What time is this over?”

Todd Holland (pictured), who finished the summer with almost 4 weeks under his belt, took home the top producer award with 116 units.

“I made like $500 or something? I don’t know. I wasn’t really keeping track,” stated Holland who now works for Dining Services back at his University of Delaware cafeteria.

Based on the poor reception of certain events this fall such as the Early Champions Banquet, the marketing department is considering re-evaluating plans for both the ‘Early Champions Sizzler’ in November and ‘ECRS’ team-building seminar in January.

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One thought on “Low Attendance at Early Champions Banquet

  1. tina says:

    hahaha. that one about luke is classic.

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