Weak Customer Who Hadn’t Cut Their Grass in a While Comes Through at Deliveries

DUBUQUE, IA  – At 10:30am today, optimistic org leader Taylor Scott was finishing his delivery week “clean-ups.” Scott was completing what has been a successful although challenging two week delivery run through the West Dubuque and Hempstead school districts.

Today I had four customers still left to deliver before I did my banking and hit the road,” stated the experienced salesman. “I was able to catch up with all of them except one – Wanda Pearlman. She’s seriously never home.

Scott described his multiple failed delivery attempts to the Pearlman residence over the two week period as “mysterious” citing that perhaps a family vacation could be to blame.

When I was here back in mid-June all the neighbors were like “You better skip that house” and “You’ll probably be wasting your time over there” but I stepped through all those tall weeds, knocked anyway, and left there with an order for all the CD packs – $45 down,” recalled Scott adding, “Now for the past two weeks I’ve been staring at these CD packs in the passenger seat of my Jetta along with her one order sheet still left flapping in the wind ’cause all the others I’ve already delivered have been folded over.

This morning however, Scott’s deliveries, and summer it seemed, came to fruition as a final delivery attempt was successfully made when Pearlman’s white 2001 Pontiac Montana mini-van was spotted in the driveway alongside the still overgrown lawn.

A smiling Scott marked the end of another successful summer with a celebratory granola bar as he lowered the windows of his Jetta announcing to the crowd of reporters and photographers his plans for a ceremonial “removing of the fanny pack” later this afternoon.

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