Top Producers Having Trouble Remembering Much of Anything From Yearly Post-Summer Florida Trip

Destin, Florida – Organization Leaders and Top Producers throughout the Southwestern Company are now returning from their annual after-summer incentive trip to Florida. The trip is rewarded yearly to the top salespeople in their respected divisions, and has been a source of motivation for Dealers across the country this summer. However, according to recent interviews, many attendees of this year’s trip are finding it hard to remember much of anything that took place.

“I remember the drive there,” recalls Chris Salata. “It was like 8 hours long and I remember going straight to the beach when we arrived. After that, things just got blurry.”

Added Sean Barry, “I kinda remember parts of the hotel, like checking in, then we went to AJ’s, and then it’s like I woke up back in Nashville. It seems like there was something about a hot tub, or a boat? I can’t remember.”

When reached for comment, District Sales Manager Brandon Devlin informed reporters that the incentive trip did in fact include multiple days of beach recreation, shopping, and periodic employee meetings, but that most attendees seemed to be “out of it” and “having a little too much fun.”

Other experienced Dealers such as Maurice Howell (pictured) are debating if area cougars may be to blame or if experienced salesman Hans Schlegel could be partially at fault for the group-wide memory loss. Experienced salesman Jake Monroe seemed to be particularly affected by Schlegel’s questionable antics.

Monroe could only stare straight ahead, lost in his own thoughts, slowly repeating over and over, “He just won’t stop… He just won’t stop,” quietly whispering, “…He’s Hanstoppable.”

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