Opinion: Area First Year Thinks “Blue houses are A-holes”

Covington, KY – Area first year dealer Bryce Landars, an upcoming sophomore at University of New Mexico, expressed a personal sociological discovery recently in a delivery week phone call with his organization leader Monday evening. The rookie dealer finished his final week of sales recently, also pushing him past the 1800 unit mark.

“Well yeah, I’m happy that I hit the Sizzler trip, but I think I may have stumbled upon something big here,” stated the over-analytical engineering major. “And geez, I really got my butt kicked finding this out, but here in Covington it’s like all the blue houses are a bunch of a**holes.”

Landars, who spent much of his summer working homes in the east side of town, went on to explain that by the end of the summer he “just knew” that if the house was any shade of blue, the homeowner was “probably going to just blow me off or something.”

“Look over there, The Burkowicz’, they didn’t even open the door, just yelled “not interested” out the open 2nd floor window. And guess what – blue house. Next street over, Dave Hartman, he wouldn’t even turn off his lawnmower to talk to me – blue house. I went to the brick home next door though, I got right in. I mean, I can’t be the only who sees this.”

Interestingly enough, encounters with other “blue-home-owning a-holes” have been reported recently. The trend seems to have originated in the greater Cincinnati area and has spread as far out as Dayton and Lexington according to other rookie dealers in Landars’ org.

Landars’ roommate, fellow first year dealer Andrew Todd, who has been working deep country agreed stating, “Yeah I noticed that too. Also if they have some kind of fridge or couch in their yard and the whole place smells like cat pee. I skip those every time.”

Landars’ student manager was unavailable for comment, as she was in a presentation with, ironically enough, a blue-house family.

Added Landers, “The day I followed her she got in four blue houses. I don’t know, that must be the stuff they teach in the manager meetings.”

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