How Bon Jovi Songs Impact Sales

In a recent study by Company officials, an interesting discovery was made. Based upon the students’ feedback at checkout this year, sales were shown to be affected in various ways this summer according to the amount of Bon Jovi songs that Dealers were exposed to throughout their time on the Bookfield.

The overall results of what’s being called, “The Bon Jovi Case Study” are seen here:

How Bon Jovi Songs Impact Sales

When reached for comment, sales manager Mike Ford summed it up best by saying, “Well you know, when you only hear a few Bon Jovi songs each week, or you’re only averaging like 1 or 2 per day, it can only get you so far into ‘the zone.’ But, if you’re really committed and you’re playing “Bad Medicine” on the way to turf, “You Give Love a Bad Name” around noon, “She’s a Little Runaway” at 3pm, and then “Living On a Prayer” everyday to start gravy then you’re gonna see a big spike in your sales.”

Another interesting discovery in The Bon Jovi Case Study was that too much Bon Jovi could reach a point of diminishing results and actually hurt sales more than help.

Ford added, “You have to be disciplined though and not let the Bon Jovi get out of hand. That’s where the real mental challenge comes in everyday. It’s easy to go through one Slippery When Wet album and head straight into New Jersey and then Keep The Faith, then before you know it you’ve actually zoned out and you’ve been driving around skipping houses because you’re singing all their infectious songs and you’ve forgotten to go to all your appointments because “It’s My Life” came on.”

The Company has now began significant investments into producing case studies for Def Leppard and Journey.

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One thought on “How Bon Jovi Songs Impact Sales

  1. matt ollis says:

    Ha these are hilarious Davis!

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