“Uggghhhh” Moans Student Manager After Finishing Day With 1 MFWW Sale

MARIETTA, GA – On Tuesday of week 8, third summer dealer Kyle Flannigan (pictured far right) got a handful of character. “Uggghhhh, come on! Week 8? Third summer?! You’re better than this,” yelled Flannigan at his pre-approach pad before tossing it in the backseat of his ’96 Saturn on the way home. The top experienced dealer from last summer has continued this year with plenty of burger days, and flirted with steak days throughout the month of June.

“I’m not the kind to make excuses, but this day was just… off. I mean I saw the people, I was sitting down with them, but… uggghhhhhh.”

Flannigan, a returning Senior at Univeristy of Nebraska, thinks perhaps it had something to do with his rushed morning.

“Usually I’m starting morning callbacks by like 7:45 everyday, but this morning as I was driving to my turf I got a flat tire — pushed me back till like 8:10. I just felt behind after that.”

Flannigan’s sale came at 3:50pm to a young woman, Jessica Murphy, who was pregnant with her first child. “Even that was kinda weird – the one sale I did make was half-down to a lady who hadn’t even had her kid yet. I read her the definition for “collide” though and she was totally into it,” reflects Flannigan.

After venting some frustration out towards his steering wheel, he added, “I guess it all works out in the end. I mean yesterday I had 6 custies for 145 ‘nuts – today 1 for 3. Whatevs. I’ll still be on Sizzler.”

Things look promising for Flannigan as he recalled he would be “hittin’ up this ballin’ neighborhood tomorrow.”

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