No Answer At Door, Garage Closes

Evansville, Indiana – On Thursday afternoon, first year dealer Anna Grace was mystified by a confusing situation. Upon seeing a prospect, known only to Grace as “Carol?… maybe Karen?” according to pre-approach given by the new family across the street, the bookgirl approached the home seeing a car in the open garage.

Grace was initially greeted and followed to the door by Baxter, the home owner’s friendly pet. “I knew his name was Baxter because there was a food bowl on the porch that had ‘Baxter’ written on the side. I put two and two together,” stated Grace.

Grace, who has been serving families in the Evansville area since late May, has always gotten some type of response when approaching home owners. This house though, would prove to be different.

“It sounded like a TV was on inside. I knocked a few times and waited. Knocked again and rang the doorbell – nothing. I noticed the living room window was open so I said, ‘Helloooo?’ – no response.”

Just as Grace was looking towards her map to find her next prospect, the garage door started closing. Never before faced with this situation, Grace recalled, “I knew then that something was up. That, or the house is haunted. Either way I’m leaving.”

Grace was then followed to the Quinn’s and to the Connor’s house by either Carol or Karen’s dog Baxter.

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This story and whoever wrote it sucks and here's why...

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