Florida Org Having Trouble Finding Good Iowa Radio Stations

SIOUX CITY – The Florida Tech Org working in the western counties of Iowa this summer have seen their share of setbacks, just as any other, but this particular org has had to deal with more than their fair share.

On May 30th, a tornado passed through the Iowa/Nebraska state line area affecting farms and local small town communities. The students were able to re-arrange their sales localities appropriately, but the aftermath is what is showing to be yet another challenge for these young professionals.

Returning top first year Andrew Morris was one of those affected most. Morris had re-programmed his radio pre-sets when first arriving in Iowa. With noticeable annoyance in his voice Morris told reporters, “What a drag that the tornado knocked down those radio station towers. I’m really into rock and I like hip-hop too, but now it’s like one country station after another, peppered with some boring local talk radio shows. It’s bad. I mean, country is ok and all, but these aren’t even the good country songs. What gives?”

Org Leader Manny Vargas (pictured) has been especially concerned. “I guess I’ve been spoiled in my selling career so far being in places fairly close to large cities like Dallas or Washington D.C. that have tons of good stations,” noted Vargas.

“I mean I didn’t burn enough CDs to listen to this summer, plus my stereo doesn’t have one of those auxiliary plugs for my iPod — stupid tornado.”

District Sales Managers are helping out by encouraging students affected by the tornado to listen to their advanced sales CDs during the day, then switch over to music for gravy, in an effort to ration out the amount of music that students may have brought to the field.

Vargas added, “In Florida we know when the hurricanes are coming and we can prepare, but these tornados just come out of nowhere. I guess you learn something new every summer.”

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