Dealer’s Multi-Colored Pen Gets Jammed During Gravy

OLATHE, KS – At 6:40pm  Local bookman Steven Eller hit a stumbling block that nearly ruined his momentum. The Olathe salesman has been leading in Pacesetter Reports, as well as Sunday Recognition in local hotel parking lots, but even this experienced dealer didn’t see this setback coming.

“I had just started gravy, and my names were rolling. People were home, and I had a lot of them to see,” noted Eller.

Just as Eller had returned to his car parked on Pembrook Pointe in front of the Alexanders’ home, he noticed something unusual about his trusted writing untensil.

 “I usually mark people I’ve already seen off my pre-approach map in blue, but if I need to go see them again I write some notes in green; appointments in red. I was switching from blue to green, but then the thing jammed up on me,” recalled the shaken bookman.

The pen, shown above, has been an important staple in Eller’s map-drawing.

Local residents showed little concern towards Eller’s predicament. Tom Hudgens was seen still watering his lawn, despite the developments less than one block away. Hudgens declined comment.

Much to the relief of Eller, as well as the first year dealer following him, a replacement pen was located in the console of the car. Eller showed his resiliency by not letting the potentially schedule-threatening situation last more than a few minutes.

Searching for a cause, Eller reflected on his recent efforts stating, “I bet this is from when I dropped it in Tammy Delmont’s driveway last night.”

According to a statement by Eller’s roommate, plans have already been made for asking around for a new multi-colored pen at an upcoming Sunday meeting.

Eller left the group of reporters saying, “I just like the clicky tops better than the twisty bottoms.”

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