Rural Oklahoma Dealers Question Ability To Ever Get Cars Clean Again

MIDDLE OF NOWHERE, OKLAHOMA – Emily Smits is on her way back to Nashville after spending her summer in the small towns and rural areas of southern Oklahoma. “It was a great summer. I learned a ton and grew a lot in my sales. My only concern though is my car,” explains Smits.

“Well you see, I was working in Commanche County, Chickawah County, AND Kickapoo County. There’s only one  paved road in each of those. I’ve never seen more dust and dirt in all my five summers,” laments Smits.

Other students in Smits’ Kentucky Org have noticed similar situations. Second year dealer Tyler Harris (pictured) has been coated in dust since mid-June when he moved from city turf to country roads. “My passenger-side floorboard was already piled full of empty water bottles and Doritos bags, not to mention the maps I ripped out when I messed up drawing them, but on top of all that is a full half-inch of Oklahoma backroad,” explained Harris.

“Whenever I sit down in the driver seat, a puff of dust fills the air. Sometimes it reminds me of Pig-Pen from Charlie Brown,” added Smits. Being an experienced dealer has taken her to states such as Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, among others, but this summer presented this Org Leader with a new challenge.

“Where do you begin cleaning something like this? It looks the same inside as it does outside,” questions Smits.

At press-time the Org Leader was making phone calls as to whether posting it on Craig’s List would be the best option, or just pushing it off a cliff.

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