Moore To Add Broken Doorbell To Famous Sales School Door

NASHVILLE  –  As another summer comes to a close for dealers, back in Nashville, plans for next year’s sales season are already being made. President Moore, role model and sales school innovator for the last 30 years, recently announced plans to add a broken doorbell to the famous Sales School Door that thousands of students have seen used as a prop throughout the years.

“We’re always looking for ways to improve the training for our dealers, keep up with the current societal trends, and most importantly provide a realistic experience for students to practice,” explains Moore. “We’ve been holding focus groups to see which may be more effective: the cracked rectangle-shaped plastic kind, or the circle-shape with exposed wires.”

Moore feels that adding this element will bluntly remind even experienced dealers of the emotional challenges that will exist when “that great referral is home but they’re not hearing you knock, and a working doorbell would probably do the trick, buuut…”

Added Moore, “Implementing this prop will also help us to prepare dealers working rural areas in various ways to spot a potential weak customer. This, along with filling the practice space of our corporate parking lot with window air conditioning units, diapers in the grass, and rusty exercise equipment.”

Rumors are already circulating around the marketing department of possibly adding to the door a diamond-shaped plastic window with aluminum foil taped on the inside and broken cement blocks leading up to the sales school stage. The purpose being to “allow dealers to get comfortable staring at these real-life elements well before they arrive in their respective rural territories.”

Operations on the door are scheduled to take place in April. The plan is projected to take “a good half-an-hour” to complete and will cost the company in the area of $2.63.

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