Chambersburg, PA McDonalds Employee Unenthusiastic About Student’s First Burger Day

Sarah Walker was on cloud 9 as she drove back to her HQ after finishing her last appointment Saturday evening. The first year dealer who had just wrapped up her 5th week selling, had sold a 36 unit package at her final house which pushed her day’s total to a solid 104.

“I knew it was a possibility, but I wasn’t sure until they handed me the check,” explained Sarah, an upcoming Junior at the University of Arizona. “It felt great pulling away from that house, writing 9:42 on my goal card, and a big 104 next to it!”

However, those emotions would soon change.

At 10:06pm Sarah’s hunger, along with her sales total, took her to the Chambersburg McDonalds for a quarter pounder. After placing her order, she pulled to the window and greeted the employee with an enthusiastic high-five. The confused employee responded with a nervous chuckle and then requested payment to which Sarah replied, “$6.24?! No problem, cause I just had my first burrrgerrrr dayyyy! How ya like me now!”

The McDonald’s employee, known only as ‘Trish’, followed up by asking Sarah if she needed any extra ketchup, and then disappeared into the kitchen.

“I don’t get it. I would’ve expected her to be a little more excited. I mean, I sold more today than I did my whole first week!” stated the now lesser-excited bookgirl. “At least my student manager will be pumped when I get back to the HQ. Oh!! And tomorrow, I should be getting that robotic calculator thing! I totally forgot about that prize. Sweeeeet!”

‘Trish’ returned soon after with a handful of extra ketchup packs and thanked the eager Bookgirl for coming. Plans are in consideration for trying the Burger King next time since “It’s closer to the HQ and maybe the fries won’t cool off as much.”

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